Kendall Technologies, Inc

Remote Support

Most computer issues can be taken care of with a quick remote support where our skilled technicians can fix your computer over the internet. This usually includes viruses, adware, fake antiviruses, and many other software problems.

Kendall Technologies provides extensive support for many different applications and systems. Whether your problems are hardware or software, with laptops or desktops, our technicians are dedicated to troubleshooting and fixing any problems.

On-site Support

When an issue you're having needs more attention, or if a remote session isn't possible, our on-site technicians will provide great support at the location of the system. We provide technical services for both home users and large business networks.

Database Management

If your database is custom, or a ready-made database (eg Quickbooks), Kendall Technologies can help you manage or customize it to tailor it to your needs.


If you just want to learn how to use a certain program, or that new device you just bought, a technical expert from Kendall Technologies can meet with you to go over the proper use of the application or device.

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